Pigeon Hill: Then & Now
My Video in Exhibition “BloomingtonKatmandu”

I collaborated on a video with my son, Ben Wolin, whose Winky Productions (http://www.winkyproductions.com/) makes terrific music videos. The piece, “Are We Home?” is part of an exhibition curated by Filiz Cicek for the Tibetan Cultural Center at the behest of the Dalai Lama. Artists from around the world created work on the theme of “Home”. Our video uses Google Earth images to visit places around the world where I’ve lived along with a voice-over narration on the issue of rootlessness in our culture. Check out the video: http://vimeo.com/24827656

Lyon Septembre de la Photographie

The Photographie Biennale in Lyon was fantastic. They flew 4 of us American photographers over for the opening (Suzanne Opton, Andrea Stern, Andrew Bush and me) of the festival which was called “US Today After”. My show opened the festival which included exhibitions all over the city by photographers from the US and Europe. There were speeches by politicians and arts folk, panels with the artists and French critics and great food (Lyon is arguably the culinary capital of France). Here’s a link for a short video of the vernissage:  http://vimeo.com/15099113

“From All Sides: Portraits of American and Vietnamese War Veterans” opens in France

My exhibition, “From All Sides”, portraits and stories of Vietnam War veterans (Americans, South Vietnamese and North Vietnamese) opens September 9 in Lyon, France as part of the Photo Biennale: Lyon Septembre de la Photographie. I’ll be heading over for the opening.http://www.9ph.fr/ http://www.culture.lyon.fr/culture/sections/fr/art_contemporain/actualites/usvietnamese_war_veterans_a_bullu

Trouble at the New Indianapolis Airport

One of my photographs in the “New Faces” exhibition at the New Indianapolis Airport was removed without discussion. The portrait of Shai Sarfati, an Israeli, who served in the military was taken down after someone complained about it to the Airport Commission. They apparently found it offensive that an Israeli soldier would feel regret that, on occasion, innocent Palestinian civilians are sometimes killed after Israel retaliates for Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. Shai’s portrait is on this website as is his story–you can read and decide for yourself whether his words should be censored or used to address issues of the complexities of war (what Primo Levi referred to as the “moral gray zone”). The Indianapolis Star ran a few front page stories and an editorial on the controversy:


And in Nuvo: